MPB blog: updates from the studio

Final Round of Overdubs 

Mojave Phone Booth is nearly finished with our next release. We’re currently recording our final vocal and instrumental overdubs.

I am going to have to perform surgery on my grandmother later. I will post photos when finished.


Mitchell J Doran

Mojave Phone Booth

It’s way too hot for this 

we continue to write and record. we are nearly finished with the tracking process for our upcoming EP, and have a good start on our full length album to follow.

1. a capacitor has leaked out resulting in a burned up motor. the smell was obviously electrical. This is because of the o3 produced by the arcing electricity in combination with the enamel coating on the copper wire which burned significantly.
2. something strange is happening with the trees behind the house we are recording in.

Mitchell J Doran

mojave phone booth

studio update 

hello. thanks for checking out the website. we have been hammering away on our next record. i put together about 42 different songs for the album and later narrowed those down to 22 tracks that we are currently working on. tobey has finished recording vocals for two songs. lynn has recorded drums for eight out of the twenty-two songs. we have a special guest musician playing bass on one track. we may release an EP of new material while finishing up our next full length album. we have modified our electronic devices.


mitchell j doran

mojave phone booth


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